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Media Representatives Contact:
Hans Huijsing
Marketing & Sales Manager
Atlas Software BV
Phone: +31 341 426700
Seybold booth number: 2625



100 Percent Of Printshop Mail Features NowSupported

 Atlas Software B.V. (www.atlassoftware.com),creator of the Variable Information Printing solution PrintShop Mail(www.printshopmail.com),announced today that it has fully added PPML as a supported printtechnology in the Macintosh version of PrintShop Mail. The Betaversion of this PPML producing PrintShop Mail is being demonstratedat Seybold. This is the first actual public demonstration in the USof using PPML to create and view a variable information printjob.

 Xeikon is demonstrating its PPML producing capability on itsOEM version of PrintShop Mail, called Private-I, at the Xeikon booth# 500. The processing of PPML is performed on the Xeikon eMergefront-end of the CSP 320 D cut sheet digital color press.

 At a PODi meeting last month, Atlas and Xeikon were able todemonstrate the first version of their PPML production and processingto an enthusiastic audience of PODi members. Since then, Atlas hasfurther developed its PPML producing capability, and is now workingwith Xeikon to finalize the release of this PPML enabled version ofPrintShop Mail/ Private I.

 The need for an open standard is evident said Drs. HarryN. M. Raaphorst, President of Atlas Software BV. The market place ispartially served by the proprietary standards that exist today. Atlashas always been dedicated to serve the variable information printingmarket by supporting both existing propriety formats as well asproposed new standards like PPML. Today, the market can use theflexibility and proven speed of the PrintShop Mail technology.Tomorrow the efficiency of PPML can also be used by the marketplace!

 The number of Xeikon users that are producing full colorvariable data jobs is already significant and growing steadily. SaidDirk Van Thillo, Director of Marketing at Xeikon. We stronglybelieve that PPML will further increase the adoption of variable dataprinting, by making it easier to use for both the designer and theprinter.

About Xeikon America

Headquartered in suburban Chicago, Xeikon America, Inc., sellshigh quality branded digital printing systems. Its parent company inBelgium, Xeikon N.V. (Nasdaq: XEIK), is the world's leadingmanufacturer of digital color printing systems for professionalapplications. Through its 80% equity interest in Nipson InternationalSA (France), Xeikon is also a major manufacturer of digital black andwhite presses, which use a proprietary magnetography technologymost suited for use in heavy-duty applications. Xeikon systems andtheir related consumables are designed to meet the quality, speed,reliability, cost, variable content and on-demand requirements of theglobal digital printing market. Xeikon's new logo, Innovating PrintProduction, reflects its ongoing commitment to delivermarket-driven, mainstream solutions to a broad range of printers. Formore information about Xeikon, please call (630) 616 - 5600 or visithttp://www.xeikon.com.

 About Atlas Software BV

Atlas Software B.V. (www.atlassoftware.com)is the creator of the Variable Information Printing (VIP) solutionPrintShop Mail (www.printshopmail.com).Atlas is a leading developer of software aimed at optimizinginformation flow. Atlas is committed to achieving higher printcommunication value through personalization. Atlas was founded in1989 in The Netherlands, where it has research and developmentfacilities. The company maintains offices in North America as well asin the Netherlands, and is represented in Japan. The ability to takeany design, any database format, drive any PostScript print engineand support all major RIP technologies is making a major impact inthe field of Digital Printing. Atlas has partnered with AHT, Canon,Colorbus, CreoScitex, EFI, Heidelberg, Konica, Océ, Splash,Xeikon, Xerox and others in enhancing their digital print abilities.Additional information regarding Atlas may be obtained by calling thecompany at + 31 341 426700, or calling toll free in the North Americaat 1 877-647-8715.

 PrintShop Mail is demonstrated at Seybold at theselocations:

 Atlas Software BV will exhibit PrintShop Mail, including thePPML enabled version, in their booth, number 2526 EFI will showPrintShop Mail under their OEM brand name 'Velocity Design', at theirbooth, number 500. Océ will show PrintShop Mail in theirbooth, number 2439 Xeikon will show PrintShop Mail under their OEMbrand name 'Private-I' and will demonstrate the PPML consumingcapabilities on the Xeikon Viewer, at their booth, number 500. Xeroxwill show PrintShop Mail on a DocuColor 12/50 and a DocuTech2000 attheir booth, number 1213.

 For further information, e-mail sales@printshopmail.comor call +31341426700. In the US call toll free: (877) 647-8715.

 PrintShop Mail software is downloadable for free from theinternet at http://www.printshopmail.com

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