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Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform Launched in North America

Company Introduces SaaS-enabled Customer Communication Management (CCM) to the American Market

San Jose, CA (May 2, 2011) – Doxee Inc. USA, a pioneer of SaaS-enabled document management solutions, has announced the North American launch of Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform – an Enterprise Software-as-a-Service platform that delivers customer communication management (CCM) solutions for mission-critical applications.

Private Cloud Model for Security and Compliance

Doxee platform is the only customer communication management (CCM) solution of its kind that has been architected, from the ground up, for deployment as an Enterprise Software-as-a-Service (ESaaS) solution. Sometimes referred to as a Private Cloud or Hosted solution, it delivers a highly cost efficient on-premises cloud computing model while eliminating the security and compliance concerns usually associated with cloud computing. Sensitive customer data and all business communication are secured under client’s corporate policies.

100% of Doxee clients use its solutions in a SaaS environment, including Global 1000 enterprises in telecom, banking, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing and government sectors.

Multichannel Business Communication

From data acquisition through document composition to production and distribution, Doxee platform manages the end-to-end business communication process. Using a single design source, user can generate a true multichannel output that is consistent across all channels, namely, print, web, email, archive, fax, SMS, mobile and smart devices. Doxee’s modular approach delivers following services:

  • Data Services
  • Design Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Tracking Services

Using an open architecture, these services are delivered through a highly scalable, future-proof communication infrastructure. With built-in process automation, Doxee delivers a 24/7, end-to-end lights-out operation. 

Doxee Process: From Raw Data to Multichannel Communication 


Seamless Enterprise Integration

Employing XML as the primary communication format, Doxee delivers rapid and seamless integration with disparate lines of business employing CRM, Billing, Accounting and Finance systems. This enables businesses to track and manage customer interaction across all channels. Doxee Tracking Services deliver customer responses and analysis reports to automatically update CRM systems such as SalesForce and Oracle® Siebel.


Collaborative Document Composition

For generating highly personalized TransPromo documents (statements, bills, welcome kits, notices, emails), Doxee Design Services provide web-based user interfaces. These are zero-scripting, visual environments that provide sophisticated tools for collaborative document composition. Users from marketing, billing, form design and other departments can edit documents simultaneously. Integrated workflow management provides review, approval and access management tools to administrators. Instant on-screen PDF previews facilitate error-free production.

                     Doxee Visual Data Designer

Web-based Data Designer

Doxee Data Services employ the first visual data designer in the market. It enables users to acquire, parse, enrich and transform data from disparate sources such as mainframe, databases and file systems, into multiple data formats including ASCII, Line Data, Excel and XML.

Cost-Efficient Licensing, Maintenance and Support

Doxee platform operates as a single sign-on environment and uses a single corporate license. Since users employ web-based modules, there are no individual workstation installations to maintain. Users never have to install a patch and they are always on the latest version of Doxee. This substantially reduces the on-going maintenance and support costs and translates into a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


For more information, live demos and pricing:
Visit         www.doxee.com
Email       info@doxee.com

Call          +1-408-961-7415



Doxee enables global business enterprises to engage and communicate with their customers in a pro-active, cost-efficient and profitable manner. Since 2001, Global 1000 companies have been relying on Doxee solutions and services in telecom, banking, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities and government sectors. Today, Doxee produces over 2 billion documents annually that reach over 100 million users worldwide. Doxee serves its global client base from offices located in North America and Europe. Visit www.doxee.com

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